Printable behavior coupons for students

Printable behavior coupons for students

Printable behavior coupons for students

Your students will love earning these printable reward coupons when they reach their goals. Rather than spending a lot of money on treats, rewards, and prizes, these reward coupons give you a way to motivate your students. Reward coupons are so much fun! Scroll through the sets we offer below and select the ones that you think your student would most enjoy having. If you have ideas for additional reward coupons that you think your students would enjoy, let us know! Remember that baby steps are cause for celebration, too!

{Secret} Student

Let s face it. Being a parent sometimes means offering gifts or rewards for good behavior—or even offering bribes. When it comes to going to bed on time, brushing his teeth, or being patient while you care for a sibling, a reward is a concrete and visible way to tell your child you appreciate his efforts. Having a coupon good for a reward can be especially helpful for both parents and children. As parents, these coupons can be priceless.

Just as kids are all different, some of these coupons will be more meaningful for some kids than others. If you re just getting started, take a moment to think of the behaviors you wish to reward. You may even want to make a list. Then think about the rewards your child would appreciate the most. As you look through these examples you may come up with coupon ideas of your own.

You can print these coupons and then clip them along the dotted line. Give them to your child as a gift or reward and redeem them on demand. Then get started. There are enough challenges in child-raising. Let s make this one fun and easy for both you and your child! It s recommended that time-outs be used no more than once a day. They are most helpful when they aren t used as the first line of defense nor reserved as a last resort.

You may want to check out some of the most common time-out mistakes parents make. Keep in mind that it s not always the child that needs the time out. If you re feeling overwhelmed, you may wish to give yourself a time-out if you can do so safely. Clip this coupon for your child to redeem to get out of a time-out free. Just as with regular time-outs, however, try not to lecture. Time-outs can lose their effectiveness when they are followed by more discipline. As you look through these coupons, there are likely several that will stimulate your child s interest and result in good behavior.

But often the best reward for good behavior is simply time spent with you. When kids grow older, they rarely complain that they didn t get to watch enough TV. But they do complain they didn t get enough time with their parents. Let your child tell you how she wishes to spend this undivided time coupon. You might be surprised. Do you sometimes tire of reading your child s favorite story over and over and over? Do you catch yourself reciting the pages of these books even when you are alone at work or in your car?

Children tend to have favorite stories that they like to hear ad nauseum. This coupon entitles your child to 12 readings of that favorite story. Of course, you may wish to make variations of the coupon good for a number of books. Be generous with handing out these coupons and visit the library so you are prepared. Bedtime is a challenge few parents escape. You can always buy your child an iTunes gift certificate and print it out online, but this purchase-on-presentation version gives you more control over what gets purchased and when.

Redeem it by buying your child 10 songs of his or her choosing all at once, or make checkmarks or hole-punches across the bottom each time a song is purchased until you reach If your child loves downloading episodes of favorite TV shows from iTunes, this purchase-on-presentation coupon lets you give them as a gift or a reward for positive behavior—and, unlike a pre-paid gift certificate, gives you control over what gets downloaded and when.

Rationing computer time is often an effective motivation to increase good behavior and decrease zombie-like staring at the screen. Before you do, however, there are a few things you should know. If he protests, simply let him know it is his only choice. An email you can monitor, or no email. Younger children can t understand why safety is so important, and older kids, well, they don t understand fully. Make sure that both you and your child do some research on internet and social media safety.

It s not just cyberstalkers that you need to worry about. College and university admissions committees take an interest in what potential students share on their pages. And what geeks tell us is that "Facebook is forever. Rationing television time is often an effective motivation to increase good behavior and decrease endless MTV and Disney Channel viewing.

Make sure to add any restrictions regarding channels to the coupon in order to avoid disappointment and a potential meltdown when your child claims his reward. Rationing video game time can also be an effective motivation to increase good behavior and decrease non-stop playing of Grand Theft Auto. As with the TV, make sure to print any restrictions such as not allowing Grand Theft Auto for a younger child to avoid disappointment.

Coupons that don t provide what a child expects may also result in less interest and less interest in working for "rewards" in the future. But just like adults, kids enjoy the opportunity to skip one of the chores from time to time. If you have any limitations on the chores that can be skipped, make sure to note that on the coupon. It will also be important to be flexible because your child will probably present this coupon to you on the busiest day of your year and when you are most stressed!

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50 Student Rewards That Don’t Cost a Thing

The discussion has been had over and over again. Should students be rewarded for doing what they are supposed to do already? I am not here to start a debate on this one. I will say I have had students who respond extraordinarily well to rewards, or reinforcers as some would prefer to call them. They are not the end all and be all of classroom management. However, they can be an easy way of adding some positivity.

Positive reinforcement is a great way to encourage good behavior in our kids.

Sound familiar? Sometimes we have groups of students that won t stop talking no matter what we do. We feel like we are always grumpy or yelling and that our kids who are behaving don t get the positive attention they need from us. We also begin to feel like we can t be the fun, happy teacher we normally are because we are constantly dealing with behavior issues. Something that I ve found in my teaching career is that if you can build a positive classroom environment, many behavior issues decrease. If your students feel loved, validated, and appreciated, they will listen to what you ask them to do with less resistance.


Introducing… Secret Student. I love bringing this into my classroom around this time of year. Today I told my class all about it and they ate it up. Basically here is the low down…. I hope this works for you in your classroom! Grab my sign for free in my store HERE!! I do a "mystery" walker and my 3rd grade students were just asking if I would make a "mystery" student version.

PBIS Incentives for Middle School Students

Free classroom management printables and a classroom rewards which can be used by teachers to reward and motivate students for a job well done! Studies have shown that positive incentives can be extremely effective in bringing about changes in classroom behavior. Negative comments and punishment can turn students off to any lessons teachers are trying to convey. These award certificates can be used by teachers to award students for good behavior. The certificates can be edited before you print. Why wait until you have bad news to contact parents? Let them know about the good news too! This will both keep them informed and motivate students to behave well.

Rewards for Good Behavior – Free Printable Coupons

These 15 positive reinforcement ideas for kids will help you change those patterns and come up with a more positive parenting approach. For two positive words that will change the atmosphere of your home, check this out. As a mom, I am working on approaching behavior with a variety of tactics. I believe there is time for consequences and discipline. However, I have seen a huge difference in my kids as I began to focus on the positive, compliment them and put in systems for reward.

Free reward coupons for students

Encourage positive behavior with free behavior reward coupons. These behavior incentives are a fantastic way to motivate, incentivize and support behaviors you want to see from your students. I like how this sets looks and how it would easily print in black and white too. A black and yellow polka dot border make this set of coupons to reward positive behavior feel like it just came from the bee hive! They are print and cut cards. You could even laminate them — have students write their name on the back with a vis-a-vis marker until they cash them in. That way you can simply rinse off the names and reuse the cards over and over.

15 Food-Free Ideas For Classroom Rewards

Has your child done something really spectacular lately? Has he done a good deed for someone else? Did he pass his summer swimming lessons? Did he clean his room without someone having to ask him to? If you feel that your child has done something special that is worthy of an award, we have some free printable rewards for good behavior for you! Simply print the rewards, cut out each one, fold each one in half and then place them in a jar. When your child does something really special, you can reward him with one of these fun coupons. The child can choose to redeem the coupon immediately or hold onto it to redeem later.

Hi Do you have printable versions of your coupons to use? Looks great!

15 Food-Free Ideas For Classroom Rewards

Kids will have a great time working towards success while earning Chuck E. Cheese rewards along the way. Simply track progress on these printable incentive charts by marking the days off with a pen or sticker as your kids accomplish their goals, then bring in a completed calendar or behavior chart to Chuck E. Download and print out Chuck E. The next time your kids lose a loose tooth, reward them with 10 free tokens or points to use on their next visit! Make your student feel proud of their accomplishments. They gave their best all season long. Reward their efforts with special Chuck E. Best helper, listener, effort and hustle accomplishments earn them 10 free tokens or points to use on their next visit. Reward your kids for best attitude, team spirit, improvement and sportsmanship. Each award means 10 free tokens or points to use on their next visit to Chuck E. Congratulate your kids on their amazing achievement with our Graduation Award and help them celebrate with 10 free tokens or points to use on their next Chuck E. Was your kid an extra awesome patient on their last appointment? Let them know how proud you are with a Chuck E.

You need to enable cookies to use TeachersNotebook. These cute classroom rewards coupons allows you to differentiate student rewards by empowering. Encourage positive behavior with free behavior reward coupons. Printable coupons offer enticing rewards to motivate kids. Reward Coupons for Kids. Access these printable resources for free from Scholastic. You need to log in before you can download a preview or FREE product. Catch your kids being good with printable caught you coupons. You can keep even copy them on to colored paper for a bit more pop.

You can print out free tickets for children with little rewards.. I did some sample rewards that you can print such as staying up a little late or dinner of your choice or you can print out blank coupons and fill in a reward that works for you! This is a really cute way to surprise children for working hard or just trying to do their best- let them know you notice and appreciate it! I really like this idea because you can fill in activities to spend time with the kids rather then just buying them things. We started this awhile back in our house- I tend to plan a lot of activities and treats and fun things for my children and it dawned on me one day that they should be earning these rewards. Just last week I took the girls to see Frozen again and they had to help get the house completely cleaned up before we could go. It was one of the few times they have actually helped out cheerfully and without complaint! To be honest I planned to take them regardless but getting things in order made it much nicer for me to relax and watch the movie with them. You might consider writing rewards that just involved spending time with them and not just giving them something. Some ideas would be making cookies or a favorite treat together , doing puzzles, games, art projects, sports etc.. The children can either earn the tickets or you can surprise them with these when you see them doing something good. I have a struggling reader and my poor little girl gets so frustrated trying to memorize her sight words and plugging through books. We have started a rewards system in our house- if she gets through so many words or reads so many books she gets a little ticket with a surprise. The other day she came home with a perfect spelling test so the next day I put a ticket in her lunchbox to redeem for a scoop of gelato after school. She was so excited when I picked her up!

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