How to find deals at estate sales

How to find deals at estate sales

How to find deals at estate sales

See also: Estate sales differ from garage and yard sales in that when you go to a house for an estate sale, pretty much everything you see is for sale unless set aside in a clearly marked area. The amount of sheer stuff at most estate sales can be overwhelming, but there are plenty of hidden treasures to be found. I was at first intimidated by shopping at estate sales because of the tales of antique dealers lining up at 6: There was no way I was going to be aggressive enough to compete for the good stuff with the real pros. A few estate sales later, the intimidation factor was gone, and a new hobby was born.

Four Tips From eBay Pros Striking It Rich At Estate Sales

These estate sale tips will turn you into a pro thrifter! Learn how to get the best deals just like the antiques dealers do! If you want first pick, be prepared! Sometimes, numbers are passed out early in the morning so get there extra early, get your number then go out for coffee but make sure you return before the sale begins. If you have something specific on your wish list — get there early or it will probably disappear. Then go back to poke through boxes and bins for a more thorough search.

I hope the family is thankful to have a company help them sort through everything while turning a little profit and knowing their possessions are well loved. Make sure to read through the comments — my readers have left some of their own unique tips! See all of my estate sale and thrift shop finds here. Most of the Florida companies that post sales on EstateSales. Many of the companies use ebay as a guide, but they look at what the ebay sellers are asking for the item, when they should be looking at completed sales where it shows what the item actually sold for.

To make matters worse, sellers refuse to negotiate prices on the first day of the sale. I have the best luck at garage sales, yards sales, moving sales, etc. I plan to make a buying trip to some small towns in the New England area in May of next year. Hopefully prices up there will be more realistic. I have to agree. Here in Texas many of the estate sale companies have brick and mortar stores. I am in Ft Worth and am a regular estate sale shopper.

I prioritize sales managed by companies who provide good prices, good pre-sale facebook and well-listed estatesales. Tip So be careful about that. I agree, we have a booming estate sale industry here in Oklahoma. And they are usually fairly well staffed. They constantly roam the sale ready to start a ticket for me and help when my hands are full so I can keep shopping. It also helps to make friends with the selling team. Pretty easy when you see them every weekend!

That is it. Genius you are. Love this post…I have never been to an estate sale and I have always wanted to go! I think I have always been a bit intimated to go and be surrounded by people who know what they are doing. I haunt estate and garage sales. Most will allow a box under or by their table for you to put your items in. I get to estate sales an hour early to be one of the first 10, usually how many they let wander at a time.

Definitely go thru, look at items, like skimming a book. Get the best stuff first. Then go back thru carefully. Last day is usually half price and they will even reduce more if you buy quantity. Good hunting! We have very few estate sales around here. Usually people call an auction house and it is all hauled away and sold there. I wish we had them-they are lots of fun and lots of deals to be had. Great tips. I have actually never been to an estate sale! Everyone I work with looks like I am crazy when I say this.

Great tips! I love a good estate sale and I am really excited about estate sale. When I go to an estate sale I always sign up for the companies email list. I get a direct email for future sales and can plan accordingly. Craigslist and Auctionzip. Thanks for your inspiration! Excellent tips as always Kelly! As a matter of fact I keep a tarp, blanket and wet wipes which I prefer to Purell in the car at all times for just this purpose! Plus you never know when you will come across a free find on the side of the road or a plant sale so it is good to be prepared!

Fabric shopping bags are always in my car also and make great padding fragile items as well. Many people find these things humorous, like the fact I always have a tape measure in my purse, until they have a need and I am the one prepared! Yes Beth! Ah yes, that was an exceptional post! I recall seeing it when I first started stalking, errr I mean following, you and was looking through past post!

I have a reputation for finding the grungiest stuff but those have also been some of the best treasures! More than once I have been asked, where did you find that? Usually the answer is in some dark corner of a basement, garage, attic or shed. In my experience the dirtier it is, the better the price! Ahhh, Beth, a woman after my own heart! I also keep rope in the car, just in case I find a large piece of furniture and have to tie it, or the hatch, down.

I drive an SUV and I keep the back matt flipped to the rubber side for just such pull-over-quick-and-grab-that instances lol. One more comment: I have found some of my best treasures at the University of Michigan. You never know what you will find: Every now and again, they have lab tables, too. Another great website to look up estate sales is http: Just type in state and zip and it will show sales in your area. Have never been to an auction or estate sale but would love to.

Would be so fun to see what treasures there might be. Thanks so much for the great tips for estate sales. I try to get an idea before hand by going on a mapping site then I can plan a route better. Happy days to you. Instead of putting a Post-It on an item which the sellers may not like , simply take the price tag off the item and carry it to one of the workers. They will then handle how to best mark the item.

Here in NC most companies use tear tags on larger or more expensive items. You tear the bottom half off, take the tag to the cashier, then go back and get your items. Small items can usually be carried around in bags you bring yourself. Each company is different though, so read the policies so you are prepared. I love flea markets and such, but I can never help getting a little sad thinking about the person that the items once belonged to.

If you are criticizing that hideous lamp, you may not realize that you are among family members who see it as a sentimental piece that Grandma loved! As always — great tips, Kelly! Have a wonderful weekend! I love estate sales and your tips are spot on! Especially the one about bringing a measuring tape! Another tip, bring a truck! Congrats on being featured at Wow us Wednesdays! I so agree with your comments about the cool houses and the sad feelings.

It is sad also to think about the fact that these items where cherished by the owners but because of either financial reasons or non-interest by the remaining family members these items are being sold. And I know this may sound funny but I will often walk around the house where the sale is being held, telling the deceased owner what great taste they had. But, there are some steals too! I so wish there were more estate sales here in Maryland…they are really far and few between.

I will be sure to put these tips to use when I get to go to some. OH, another idea — we keep a cardboard box in the trunk with bubble wrap from stuff mailed to us in there. Estate sale geography is often challenging — old, uneven flooring, rickety stairs, and yards that are not level. Be safe, not sorry.

28 of the Best Estate Sale Flips

Because this often involves cataloging and pricing large amounts of material, many people choose to hire an estate sale service. However, with abundant planning and patience, it s possible to hold a successful estate sale yourself. Once things are in categories, create a master list of everything you want to sell, including its age, function, and history. Next, research prices using catalogs, online resale sites, or antique shops, and price each item on your sheet. Then, pick a date for the sale and recruit some friends to be on hand to help you.

I attended my first estate sale when I was about 7 years old. Our elderly neighbor had passed away, and, peering out the window, I spied the tables set out in her front yard.

There are indeed multiple ways to interpret the definition of an estate sale. For example, most people who are not real estate agents think of an estate sale as an auction where furniture and other household possessions are sold off to the public. Without a doubt, this is one definition of what an estate sale is. A significant amount of real estate agents or others in the industry could also assume an estate sale to mean selling a house of one of the heirs. For purposes of this article, I will be talking about an estate sale as liquidating assets or household possessions owned by the heirs of the property. Estate sales are most often completed by an auctioneer when it involves liquidating possessions and a real estate agent when it comes to the actual home sale.

Estate Sale Tips – Secrets to Snagging the Best Stuff!

These estate sale tips will turn you into a pro thrifter! Learn how to get the best deals just like the antiques dealers do! If you want first pick, be prepared! Sometimes, numbers are passed out early in the morning so get there extra early, get your number then go out for coffee but make sure you return before the sale begins. If you have something specific on your wish list — get there early or it will probably disappear. Then go back to poke through boxes and bins for a more thorough search.

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What I Learned From Selling My Own Stuff at an Estate Sale

A husband and wife recently attended an estate sale in the Twin Cities. They held out slim hopes of finding anything because they were number 52 on line. Their specialty on eBay is rare. On this particular weekend, Ted and Lilly they asked to remain anonymous were on the lookout for a gift for a dear friend. In return their friend asked them to find him an inexpensive baseball glove. The glove was their only purchase at this estate sal Judging from its pristine condition, it probably sat unused in the basement for the past half-century. Now - we still need to find him another glove. A week after their sale, I was surfing eBay and stressing about my next Forbes post when I spotted another rare baseball glove. This one was an A.

7 Ways to Score Brilliant Bargains at Garage Sales

Estate sales typically take place when someone makes a big move or passes away. Most are managed by professional estate liquidators , but you ll also see estate sales organized by the owners or heirs. No matter which type you attend, the same estate sale tips apply. Read these estate sales do s and don ts before you go:. Read these estate sales do s and don ts before you go: Do attend the first day of the estate sale at the starting time for the best selection of merchandise.

The Ultimate Estate Sale Pricing Guide

We respect your privacy. All email addresses you provide will be used just for sending this story. For some, an ideal summer weekend might be spent sunbathing on the beach or taking in a ballgame. As summer gets underway, homeowners anxious to declutter their homes often decide to sell items they no longer need. Snagging the best bargains, however, takes some planning. Plan your route ahead of time. Once you choose the yard sales that interest you, the app will help you plan a schedule so that you can get to each of them in the most efficient way. By doing this, you can prioritize sales that you know have the merchandise you want. Depending on what you are looking for, you may want to narrow down the garage sales you visit.

Find Estate Sale Companies to Help You Liquidate

If you change your mind, here s how to allow notifications:. Stay in the loop! Get breaking news and big stories on your desktop. Notify Me. When prompted, click "Allow" you can always change your mind later. Search The Web Search Aol. Aug 19th Twee Art Estate sales aren t just for dead people -- there are many other fine reasons to call in the experts at turning used stuff into cash.

Experienced estate sale professionals and auctioneers across the country have estate sale pricing perfected.

9 Best Things to Buy at an Estate Sale

Estate sales can be a gold mine for shoppers in search of unique, high-quality goods at reasonable prices. Keep in mind that you probably won t find the trendiest items at estate sales, but rather classic pieces that have stood the test of time -- and still have lots of life left in them. If you re a novice, there s a host of dos and don ts to shopping an estate sale. For starters, don t call it a garage sale. Estate sales are usually run by professionals and held when a homeowner passes away or moves to an assisted-living facility. Don t be surprised if virtually everything in a house is tagged for sale -- even appliances, fixtures and window treatments. As for the dos, do line up early to get a first look at what s available, and do haggle though don t expect big markdowns until late in the day or on the last day of a multiday estate sale. We talked with several estate sale experts about which items tend to be worth your money and time. Here s what they had to say. If you re looking to furnish your home on the cheap with furniture that ll last, seek out quality solid-wood pieces at estate sales. You ll pay a fraction of what you d spend on a comparable new piece. Estate sale purchases are final, so be sure to examine the condition of each item you re interested in before any money is exchanged. Another note of caution: Tread carefully with upholstered furniture, advises Jacquie Denny, co-founder of Everything But The House , an online estate sale marketplace.

Tips for Shopping at Estate Sales

On the sad occasion when a family member dies, it often involves how to deal with liquidating a large amount of the household items that the person owned. One of the less stressful ways to do this is by having an estate sale. Holding your own estate sale involves a tremendous amount of preparation. Another option is to hire a professional estate sale service. But how do you know if you are hiring a quality service? Here are tips to help you select a reputable firm to handle your estate sale.

Estate Sale Tips for Shoppers

Advertiser Disclosure: The credit card offers that appear on this site are from credit card companies from which MoneyCrashers. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site, including, for example, the order in which they appear on category pages. Advertiser partners include American Express, Chase, U. Bank, and Barclaycard, among others. That means there are likely great bargains available. Estate sales and estate auctions are some of the best places to find great deals on used and sometimes new furniture, kitchenware, appliances, art, collectibles, tools, household goods, vehicles, jewelry , and even homes. Estate sales and auctions also sell property of people who are still alive but who are moving, relocating, or want to liquidate their possessions. Regardless of the reason, the property sold at estate sales or auctions is almost always sold as-is, with no warranties. In some situations, the estate sells titled property as well, such as cars, boats, or even real estate. Before you go to either a sale or an auction, you should have some idea of what to expect. Often, an estate sale is similar to a garage sale , though there may be some differences.

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