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Let s take a close look at the best cloth backups for elimination communication. We will cover diaper backups or nappies, as some countries call them , as well as cloth training pants. Cloth diapering and EC go hand-in-hand. Even if you plan to practice elimination communication full time, day and night, that doesn t mean your baby needs to literally "go diaper-free". But why are we only going to discuss cloth backups?

It s not that it s impossible to practice elimination communication with disposable diapers as backup. I even used a few disposables on my son, like that time he got E. Coli in India. Let s look at the benefits of using cloth back-ups. As a first time mom, I was so excited to practice elimination communication. I read Diaper Free: The Gentle Wisdom of Natural Infant Hygiene by Ingrid Bauer and pictured my baby being clad in just a diaper belt and prefold for most of the day.

But once my son was born, I realized that I was scared of explosive newborn poop. I was even scared of baby boy pee, which was capable of arching across the room. I guess that most of us in Western societies share those fears. We like to keep poop and pee hidden away inside a diaper. If you take the leap and start practicing elimination communication, you will soon become quite familiar with baby poop and pee.

And you will also find that it is less messy to catch those bodily wastes in a potty, rather than to wipe them off a baby s bottom. But if you need the security of diapers while easing into elimination communication, that s okay! You have permission to use diapers as backup for elimination communication. Just make sure to choose diapers that will aid in the process, rather than ones that are so cumbersome they will get in the way of offering pottytunities.

Let s look briefly at the benefits versus the drawbacks of using some sort of backup while practicing elimination communication. Now let s take a closer look at which types of cloth diapers are practical during each stage of elimination communication. This post contains affiliate links. If you click on an affiliate link and make a purchase, I will earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you.

Thanks for your support! If you are fine allowing your baby to be naked during diaper-free observation time, you can prepare an area by laying down a wool puddle pad ; covering it with an absorbent blanket; and placing a cloth prefold right where your baby s bottom will rest. If you are not okay with allowing your baby to be completely bare-bottomed, you can add a prefold cloth diaper between your baby s legs and secure it in place with a diaper belt.

See our cute baby doll demonstration above. Choose the size of prefold diapers depending upon how you plan to use them. If the prefolds will only be worn with a diaper belt, its nice to have a large size, so more of the prefold sticks out above the belt. If your baby will also wear the prefolds under a waterproof diaper cover, choose just the right size, so the diaper will be trimmer. The Green Mountain Diapers website is a wonderful source for high quality Cloth-eez prefolds.

I like the unbleached organic cotton version. Green Mountain Diapers Cloth-eez Prefolds: For times when you need a waterproof backup, you can fold a prefold in thirds trifold or pad fold and lay it inside a waterproof cover. One option is pairing the Babee Greens newborn wool diaper cover with a trifolded preemie or newborn Cloth-eez prefold.

Fitted cloth diapers are another option when practicing elimination communication with a newborn. They can be worn at home without a cover, so you can see right away when they are wet. You can add a waterproof diaper cover over the fitted diaper for leaving the house. Fitted diapers with hook and loop Aplix or Velcro closures are easier to remove and replace than ones with snaps, but they are harder to find.

Loveybums offers organic cotton fitted diapers with Aplix. Cloth-eez Workhorse Fitted Diapers are a more economical option. A snap version is available on Amazon, but you can also order an organic cotton version with no closure directly from Green Mountain Diapers. If you are going to use wool diaper covers over fitted diapers during the newborn stage, the wrap style covers are easier to put on your baby than the pull-on soaker style.

Loveybums offers wool wrap diaper covers with Aplix closure. You can also find wool diaper covers with hook and loop closure from Organic Caboose. In my blog post on Elimination Communication with a Newborn from Birth , I talked in depth about the types of newborn cloth diapers we used with my daughter and which ones worked the best for us.

You can see a demonstration of newborn cloth diaper backups in my video on Newborn Elimination Communication Supplies:. Flaparaps are a drop-flap diapering system developed by Born Ready Jenn, specifically to meet the needs of EC ing families. The front of the diaper is attached to the elastic waistband, while the back of the diaper tucks under the elastic waistband. When it is time to offer a pottytunity, you can simply pull the flap down and hold it off to the side.

After the pottytunity, tuck the flap back under the waistband. When there is a miss, you can easily remove the inner wet pad and replace it with a dry one, while the Flaparap shell stays securely attached to your baby s waist. Flaparaps are made in the U. I have been using Flaparaps with my second baby since she was 3-months-old, and I love them! I just wish there was a way to secure the pad in the shell, so it would stay in place while offering a pottytunity.

I use Flaparaps half of the time and other cloth backups the other half of the time. I was planning to get only wool Flaparap shells, but they were unavailable when I placed my order. Luckily, I was able to buy a used wool Flaparap from another mama. Since I only have one, I use the wool Flaparap shell at night. I like that it is breathable in our hot and humid weather.

I was able to snag the organic cotton pads before they ran out of stock. Flaparaps are no longer available to purchase as of March 12, Jenn is working on a Flaparaps sewing pattern. Visit the Born Ready website to sign up to be notified when the pattern is ready. When my son my first baby was born, I started with 7 small gPants lbs , which was more than enough.

I also had an extra set of 6 snap-in waterproof pouches. Once he outgrew size small, I bought 4 medium gPants lbs , with an extra set of 6 snap-in pouches. We never needed to use size large gPants. At my husband s insistence, we hired a cloth diaper service which provided and washed cloth prefolds. The cloth prefolds made the diapers bulky, but were very absorbent. For the most part, I loved using gDiapers, especially once we were catching all of the poops in the toilet.

The Small gPants just weren t great for the newborn watery poop phase, especially before I started offering the potty. With my daughter I am using medium gPants with small Cloth-eez prefolds. If you use Cloth-eez prefolds from Green Mountain Diapers, preemie size purple edge prefolds fit in newborn gPants, newborn size orange edge prefolds fit in small gPants, and small size yellow edge prefolds fit in medium gPants.

If you want to use gDiapers with something thinner than prefolds, you could use cloth inserts. There are quite a few options of cloth diaper inserts available on Amazon these days. Or you could sew your own inserts out of your favorite fabric. You can also order a 6-pack of newborn gPants. When I was looking for a cloth diaper backup for my son, I was hoping to find something that functioned like gDiapers but was all-natural.

I wasn t able to find something that fit that description at the time, but I did before my daughter was born. Loveybums-in-Ones LIO s consist of a wool wrap cover and a snap-in absorbent cloth diaper. Be sure to select a particular size on the LIO s listing to find the version with Aplix closure. You can order extra snap-in diapers and the cover portion of the LIO s can also be used over fitted diapers. I was so excited about the design of the Loveybums-in-Ones and thought they would be perfect to use as EC backup.

I was able to use the wool cover portion over fitted diapers instead of the snap-in diapers. I have heard good things about Loveybums wool wrap covers, but the snap-in diaper option didn t work out. So sad I personally found that training pants helped take away the stress and allowed me to practice EC in a more relaxed manner. If you are interested in using training pants for your toddler or baby, please read our massive Cloth Training Pants Comparison Review which includes photos and videos.

For a waterproof option, you can layer TinyUps pull-on cloth covers over Tiny Trainers. Here is our video series on cloth training pants. We cover when to use cloth training pants and show comparisons of multiple brands of training underwear. Non-waterproof cloth training pants have the benefit of allowing you to see right away when they are wet. But on the flip side, that means that any clothing worn over the training pants will get wet when there is a miss.

The solution? When you leave the house, have your toddler wear a wool soaker, shorties, longies, or skirtie over the cloth training pants. Wool is amazing for elimination communication!

Best Cloth Diapers for Elimination Communication Backup

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Hi all, I m a FTM due in nov and new to cloth diapering. I m just starting to work on my overnight stash and am going in between wool vs fleece diaper covers and of course brands. I was wondering what your experiences were and what has worked best for you. I m planning on using fitteds underneath the covers: Some babies may start sleeping through the night as early as 6 weeks, and some still don t sleep through night by 2 years but most parents start leaving them in the overnight diaper all night somewhere around months regardless.

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Learn how to wash cloth diapers by requesting our free How-To Booklet. It s 16 pages of how to cloth diaper your baby and how to wash cloth diapers. Clean cloth diapers keep baby s bottom healthy and happy. Cloth diapers are fun! Natural cloth diapers are easy to use with the right products.

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Easy Cloth Diapers for Elimination Communication Demo (2018)

Babee Greens Coupon Codes

Let s take a close look at the best cloth backups for elimination communication. We will cover diaper backups or nappies, as some countries call them , as well as cloth training pants. Cloth diapering and EC go hand-in-hand. Even if you plan to practice elimination communication full time, day and night, that doesn t mean your baby needs to literally "go diaper-free". But why are we only going to discuss cloth backups? It s not that it s impossible to practice elimination communication with disposable diapers as backup. I even used a few disposables on my son, like that time he got E. Coli in India. Let s look at the benefits of using cloth back-ups.

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Cloth-eez Birdseye Wipes coupon: Link to everything that has some kind of a discount or sale. Where do I put the code? Click the Checkout button to get to the checkout page. The place to put the code is there. You know you want to cloth diaper. You need enough diapers on hand to actually do it.

Babee Greens Coupon Codes

Now that I am onto my third cloth diapered baby, I am a bit more educated, a bit more aware of all of the choices out there. I was given an Organic Cotton Growing Greens diaper to test out. They have a number of configurations that will allow this diaper to fit your baby from infancy right up to toilet training age. It even has an elastic waist that allows it to be used as a pull-up when you reach that phase. No need for multiple sets of diapers, this one does it all! The first thing I noticed about the diaper is how soft it is. More than minky soft, this diaper is beyond. Even after repeated washes, the diaper is as gorgeously soft as the first time I touched it. My son is 10 months old and just shy of 20lbs. The fit on him was great.

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Post contains affiliate links. Black Friday cloth diaper sales are a great chance to save on diapers. Looking for a particular item or store? This will be updated continuously as sales may be released. List your sales here. Wink Diapers. Valid at www. In-stock items only, no rain checks. Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique. Sale prices listed on product pages.

This cloth diaper post was brought to you by Royal Fluff. All opinions are mine. Baby Brother inherited many cloth diapers from his older brothers, but I wanted him to have something new and luxurious for his cloth diaper days. When I was asked by Royal Fluff to review their adorable diapers, I had no idea just how luxurious they would be! I have never felt a cloth diaper so soft on the inside! View Post. This cloth diaper laundry post was brought to you by Rockin Green. When I began cloth diapering Captain Fussybuckets, I asked around to see what the best option was. I decided to first go with the simple route and just see how regular detergent worked. What a horrible idea. Our brand new cloth diapers were stiff and smelly and I immediately regretted switching to cloth diapers. But then, a friend told me about Rockin Green. It was a new company that made detergent strictly for cloth diapering.

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